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QblocksPro iDetails: Graphic Reference Interior Construction Details (Digital Version)

This is a different sort of technical drawing book. Qblocks is a family of details, symbols, legends notes and other commercial drawings. The actual AutoCAD drawing files from the book are provided and included with the Digital Version. "QblocksPro iDetails" has as it's focus on commercial interior drawings with an illustrated guide to electronic template drafting using Qblocks CAD drawings, notes, legends and symbols. The CAD drawings included have literally been used uncounted thousands of times across the United States in producing high quality design, permit and construction drawings. QblocksPro iDetails has an image of each detail for easy visual reference with complete instructions for use of Qblocks and template drafting efficiently.

What's included with digital purchase:
100% Electronic Version

QblocksPro iDetails:
Graphic Reference Interior Construction Details (Volume 1) English 364 Page PDF

1 User License

All the CAD .Drawing Files (DWG) within compressed folders (ZIP) Including all the Symbols, Notes, Sheets, Legends and Details Illustrated in the eBook:
37 CAD Sheet, Notes & Legend Drawing Files
423 CAD Symbol Drawing Files
162 CAD Work Station Drawing Files
62 CAD Cabinet Drawing Files
27 CAD Barrier Free Accessibility Drawing Files
24 CAD Door and Frame Detail Drawing Files
30 CAD Glazing Detail Drawing Files
69 CAD Miscellaneous Detail Drawing Files
42 CAD Wall Detail Drawing Files
20 CAD Utility Detail Drawing Files
896 Total CAD Drawing Files

Qblocks is the culmination and development over twenty years to create an easy to use commercial detail library. Although the details and blocks have been drawn and updated by several dozen design professions working together over the years; the standards are maintained so that all the details drawings come as a whole to form a consistent detail library. QblocksPro iDetails provide the user with drawing template details, notes, symbols and legends that allow production of working drawings in a fraction of the time compared to older methods.

System Requirements:
Electronic Drawing (.DWG) editor such as AutoCAD or Draft Sight
PDF Reader